Star Rebate Bracket

An essential tool for concreters, the Star Rebate Bracket is a design registered, powder-coated and fabricated bracket specifically designed to be used for forming brick rebates around the outside edges of a concrete slab on ground. Price including GST.



The Star Rebate Bracket features a rod welded to the side of it and incorporating a small engineered flat portion along its length, snugly fits in the space between the Safepeg™ and the bottom board. Once installed, the bracket is rotated 90 degrees to the bottom board to the locked position and the rebate board is then installed by fixing through the pre-drilled holes in the flange into the timber using 35 mm Type 17 tek screws.

The Star Rebate Bracket is simply removed after the pour by removing a fixing screw from the rebate board, twisting and pulling the bracket upwards leaving the rebate and bottom board in place to be stripped later.

The Star Bracket can also be deployed independently of the Safepeg™ location by simply screw fixing the bracket to the top edge of the bottom board by way of the bracket bottom flange, and in other locations such as holding alfresco or garage step down boards to the bottom boards by way of the pre-drilled holes in the flanges of the bracket,

The distance between the underside of the Safepeg™ head and the top of the board must be a minimum 300 mm so the rebate bracket can be easily installed and removed.